This is more of a question than a explanation. In "The Economist" Faraday did the experiment with the rocket with the clock on it. From the Lostpedia page, if I am reading it right. The rocket should have gotten there in about 20 seconds. When it finaly landed there was a difference in the clocks of 31 minutes and 18 seconds. The clock that Daniel was holding was the one that was behind.

The OT is 2007 and the FST is in 2004. Some say that they are parallel, with people's flashes of experiences they would have already experienced in the OT.

Is there any math using the time difference of 31 min 18 sec when the rocket should have landed in 20 sec, to equal the 3 years discrepancy? If you start either around '77 or '04 can the amount of time on the island since arriving, multiplied by the time difference per interval, equal the 3 years? I'm only trying in my head and I can't figure what equation to use, and I know some of you are great at the math stuff. --TSJLennon 23:13, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

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