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February 9, 2010
  • TSJLennon

    Many asked to see the results of the survey, so here is the link to do so. I think everyone will be interested in them.

    More people are responding each day, so the results keep changing a little.

    Thank you to Lostpedia and its users for the help.

    I also want to thank DarkUFO for placing the link to the survey on Twitter (I know a lot of the same people go to both sites).

    If you want to still take the survey, there is an older blog post with the link.

    Thanks again everybody, the results are great and will really help my paper out.

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  • TSJLennon

    Thanks to those who filled this out already, it's really helping my paper

    If you haven't had a chance yet, here is the link to take this quick survey for my research paper.

    The third link should be one to the results thus far,Some of you said you wanted to see them.

    If anyone wants to post/share the second link, I'd appreciate it.


    Facebook share link:

    Results Link:

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  • TSJLennon

    Please help me with a survey for a Research Paper I am writing for class. It will only take a minute or two.

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  • TSJLennon

    Is it me or did the well in Across the Sea seem a little shallow? A ladder was apparently used to get down there for MIB and possibly mother, and light could be seen coming from above. The cave also wasn't frozen over. All later views of the well or the room with the wheel made it much deeper. When Locke was climbing down the rope we couldn't even see the bottom of the well. He had climbed down rather far and still fell far enough for a compound fracture to the leg. The trip down the elevator in the Orchid was also rather long. I think Ben made some comment as to how deep. This is also evident when the Orchid is being excavated. It seems like hundreds of feet farther down than in ATS. This leaves us with what would cause the room…

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  • TSJLennon

    This is more of a question than a explanation. In "The Economist" Faraday did the experiment with the rocket with the clock on it. From the Lostpedia page, if I am reading it right. The rocket should have gotten there in about 20 seconds. When it finaly landed there was a difference in the clocks of 31 minutes and 18 seconds. The clock that Daniel was holding was the one that was behind.

    The OT is 2007 and the FST is in 2004. Some say that they are parallel, with people's flashes of experiences they would have already experienced in the OT.

    Is there any math using the time difference of 31 min 18 sec when the rocket should have landed in 20 sec, to equal the 3 years discrepancy? If you start either around '77 or '04 can the amount of …

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