Thanks goes to Ebourke14 (from another blog post) for bringing attention to the guitar case that Jacob left in the cab for Hurley. All that Jacob said to Hurley was "It's not my guitar". That was it. Hurley could have just left it in the cab when he got out. Heck, it wasn't his and he's certainly not a thief.

So 2 questions arise;

1 Did Jacob leave the guitar case for Hurley with the intent that Hurley take it with him? I think the answer is an obvioues YES. And that it's a slip on the writers side for leaving this very question open-ended.

2 What the heck is in that case????? I don't think it's a guitar. Hurley sure has been hugging it and keeping it by his side where ever he goes. I wonder if he's even peeked inside to see what in it.

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