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    LOST Fans, Since Ive seen the question raised before and I'm still seeing way too many blank Avatars. I figured I'd give a quick lesson. To create your very own LOST avatar, simply click on the "MORE" button at the top right of the Wiki page

    Next, Click on "Preferences" and scroll down to the "Avatar" section

    Then you can browse your pics for the perfect one. Best if you make your pic square before uploading it though.

    Good luck

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    Thanks to Ebourke14 (in another blog post) for bringing to light the quitar case that Jacob seemingly left for Hurley in the cab.

    2 Questions come to mind.

    1 ) Did Jacob leave the guitar case in the cab with the intent that Hurley take it with him?? I tend to think this is simply implied by the writers. Kind of a mistake, for surely Hurley could have simply left it in the cab. Heck it wasn't his to begin with and Jacob only said in response to Hurley "It's not my guitar"

    Which brings up question # 2.

    What is in the case??? Is it in fact a guitar? Or how 'bout a machine gun for the "war"?

    Hurley does keep this case very close to him since Flt 316. I wonder if he's looked inside??

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    Thanks goes to Ebourke14 (from another blog post) for bringing attention to the guitar case that Jacob left in the cab for Hurley. All that Jacob said to Hurley was "It's not my guitar". That was it. Hurley could have just left it in the cab when he got out. Heck, it wasn't his and he's certainly not a thief.

    So 2 questions arise;

    1 Did Jacob leave the guitar case for Hurley with the intent that Hurley take it with him? I think the answer is an obvioues YES. And that it's a slip on the writers side for leaving this very question open-ended.

    2 What the heck is in that case????? I don't think it's a guitar. Hurley sure has been hugging it and keeping it by his side where ever he goes. I wonder if he's even peeked inside to see what in it.

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    My theory on Jacob, regarding Ben stabbing him and UnLocke kicking him in the fire is this: (I hope I'm not beating a dead horse, but haven't seen this anywhere else)

    Jacob can't be dead beacuse of 2 entries in the LOST timeline. 1) "In January 2008, when Hurley was released from Los Angeles County Jail, Jacob was waiting for him in the back seat of a taxicab with a guitar case beside him. Stating he would just "be going a few blocks," he offered to share the cab.......

    2)In 2007, after the crash of Ajira Airways Flight 316, the seemingly resurrected Locke revealed his plans to kill Jacob. He, along with the Others, set off for the four-toed statue, intending for Ben to kill Jacob. Locke and Ben later entered.........

    Note that Jacob met wi…

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