OK everyone first i wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting on my previous blog about there favorite LOST Quotes feel free to still comment on it. Now for my theory i believe that the writers messed up with the time travel when Ben first turned the frozen donkey wheel. When the bright appeared and they began to time travel we know for a fact that the people on the island where taken up into the time travel void and Daniel Faraday since he was in between the island and the freighter. So we also know that included with time traveling is the second island and The Looking Glass. So this leads me to believe that there is a certain radius around the island that gets sucked up to the time travel void. But this leads to my final thought about the writers messing up when Jack and everyone on the helicopter was floating above the boat when it blew up. But another thing to keep in mind is that Jin was on the boat when it exploded and he went through the time traveling with everyone on the island. I was discussing with my friend and we came to the conclusion that Jin was shot from the boat due to the explosion but never the less he could only go so far and keep in mind that the helicopter was on its way back t the island after the boat exploded so why did they not get sucked up with the time travel????? Leave your ideas here Thanks.

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