My theory with Jacob and MIB is that they are brothers. We see that they are not the only ones with a sibling rivalry throughout history but it seems to be the closest one for this situation. The bible tells us that one day Esau, tired and hungry, came along from the field while Jacob was boiling up some stew. In response to Esau’s request, “Quick, please, give me a swallow of the red, the red there,” Jacob asked him to sell his birthright. Having no appreciation for sacred things, namely, the promise of Jehovah to Abraham respecting the seed through whom all nations of the earth would bless themselves, Esau impetuously, by sworn oath, sold his birthright to Jacob for one meal of lentil stew and bread. By thus despising the birthright, viewing it as of little value, Esau showed a complete lack of faith. He perhaps wanted no part in suffering the fulfillment of God’s word concerning Abraham’s seed: “Your seed will become an alien resident in a land not theirs, and they will have to serve them, and these will certainly afflict them for four hundred years.” I could see this possible with Jacob and MIB of lost Jacob playing the same role as the one in the bible and since we do not know what the name of MIB is so maybe he could be Esau. Let me know what you think.

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