Back in Season 3 when you first see Jacobs Cabin and the ring of ash in "The Man Behind The Curtain" we see that John Locke and Ben visit the cabin and Ben talks to the empty chair although if you pause it after Ben is thrown toward the wall you see a man siting in the chair. Although it is not the Jacob that we all know because they casted Mark Pellegrino during the 5th Season. (Could it be Jacob?????) You do not see the cabin again till "The Beginning of The End" when Hurley sees a figure sitting in the chair and then one popping into the window and seeing the eye that scared him, then he shuts his eyes and the cabin is gone when he opens them again. Who are these entities could it be Christian(Smokey?) and Claire, Jacob and Richard, Jacob and the M.I.B, or two people that we have no idea are. Although in the link on Lostpedia "Jacobs Cabin" it says Christian is in the chair. So we do not see the cabin again till John, Ben, and Hurley went in "Cabin Fever" and we see that Christian and Claire are there and then Christian tells John to move the island. Finally we see the cabin for the last time when Ilana and her group reaches it and they see that the ring of ash is broken in "The Incident". Could it be that the ring was broken before we actually saw that is was. Is it that Jacob never used the cabin and it has been the smoke monster all the time. (Keep in mind that Richard was the only one that talked to Jacob he would deliver the notes to Ben so how was it that Ben knew where Jacob was??? Could it be that really Ben is working with The Smoke Monster????) As they would say on ABC "The Answers Are Coming....LOST The Final Season, Premieres Tuesday February 2nd on ABC." Leave your comments and ideas I would love to hear them.

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