Yeah, so this is my first blog post. I just now thought of this and did a little bit of research.

Anyways. Most of us have found connections between the 'LOST Jacob' (L-Jacob) and the 'Biblical Jacob' (B-Jacob), right? Well, let's say that Jacob's nemesis is in fact named Esau, after B-Jacob's brother. Ben hates L-Jacob and ultimately kills him for what he's been put through. During my research I found that one of B-Jacob's twelve children was named Benjamin, the twelth one to be exact. He went on to become the founder of 'the Tribe of Benjamin', which could possibly be a reference to the fact that LOST Ben (L-Ben) is the leader of his own 'tribe', the Others. Now, back to Biblical Esau (B-Esau). He was the older child and therefore the main benefactor of his father's fortune, although, he gave up his birthright to B-Jacob. This could perhaps mean that LOST Esau (L-Esau) was once the 'ruler' (for lack of a better word) of the Island, but gave up ownership to L-Jacob. After seeing L-Jacob succeed at ruling the Island and become something of a god, L-Esau regrets giving up ownership and attempts to regain control of the Island. The problem is, he can't. The Rules simply won't let him, therefore he must find a loophole. 'Only a leader can kill Jacob', right? So, L-Esau takes the form of Locke, the former leader of the Others. Looks like he can kill Jacob and take control again, right? Wrong! Despite having the appearance of Locke, L-Esau is still L-Esau. Therefore he must find another leader, L-Ben. L-Esau convinces L-Ben to kill L-Jacob. Therfore leaving ownership of the Island to him for the taking.

This took me a while to write up while I got the pieces all put to together and I kind of forgot what I was saying at the end (xP), but you should be able to get the jist of it.

Please comment. :D

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