OMG! Not you again!

Yes, me again.

Anyways, I was thinking back to the season 5 finale. I remembered the bit where Cooper pushed Locke out the window and then Jacob approached him. It looks as though Locke is dead until Jacob touches his shoulder. I checked Locke's page here at Lostpedia and that's pretty much exactly what it says as well.

So, did Jacob really bring Locke back to life, or was he just in shock considering he just fell eight stories?

I reckon Jacob did bring him back to life, because he grabbed his shoulder with some force. He didn't just touch him like he did with the rest of the Oceanic 6. Also, when Jacob said he was sorry, that might have been because he could have healed his paralysis, but instead he didn't. Perhaps this was so that Locke would becoming stronger and evolve into the person we see on the island.


What do you think?

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