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  • SwiftONE

    With everyone talking about the deaths of Sayid, Sun and Jin (and maybe Frank) I think it's time for a 'happier' discussion. Such as... oh, I don't know, the Man in Black getting a can of whoop-ass opened on him. Jack's expression says it all for me, did you see how angry he was? No doubt Sawyer will be just as angry when he regains consciousness. Hurley and Kate both bursting into tears shows just how angry they are at the Man in Black as well.

    So, Sayid, Sun and Jin are gone, but, look on the bright side, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and Kate are going to beat the crap out of the Man in Black. I know I would.

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  • SwiftONE

    Bottle of Wine Theory

    April 30, 2010 by SwiftONE

    Ok, so I haven't been on Lostpedia since before season 6 started. This is because the US was one episode ahead, and I didn't want to accidentally read a spoiler from the next episode. With LOST going on hiatus in the US, but not in Australia, this means I can finally come back to Lostpedia and share my theories with my fellow fans.

    Now that that's out of the way, on with my theory. Also, sorry if this has been brought up before, but, like I said, I haven't been on Lostpedia since before season 6 started.

    So, in the episode 'Ab Aeterno', Jacob tries to explain the nature of the Island to Richard. He does this by using a bottle of wine and a cork as a metaphor. Jacob says that the wine represents evil, and the cork represents the Island. But, …

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  • SwiftONE

    Yes,I know how crazy this sounds and I'd like to say this is simply a theory I came up with while watching LaFleur this morning, so bare with me for a moment.

    So, we don't know who built the well. It could have been the Dharma Initiative, the Others, or some other group of people. All we know is that the Frozen Donkey Wheel is at the bottom of it and it was filled in sometime before 1974. This theory is based off Daniel's idea of 'whatever happened, happened'. When Locke was climbing down the well to turn the Donkey Wheel there was a flash, Sawyer grabbed the rope to make sure Locke didn't fall. After the flash they were transported to sometime before the well was built, but the rope came with them. Sawyer then dropped the rope and Locke mo…

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  • SwiftONE

    ...and never before have I teared up so much over an episode of LOST, especially considering how many times I've already seen it.

    It just seemed like emotional scene after emotional scene. Not just Charlie drowning, but also Tom supposedly killing Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, as well as the Snake in the Mailbox at the end. 'Through The Looking Glass' has got to be the saddest episode there is, and I'm willing to put money on it. But, enough about my tears. For you, what was the most emotional scene in LOST? Have you ever teared up or even started full on crying at an episode of LOST?

    Besides 'Through The Looking Glass', the only other time I've teared up was in Walkabout when John uttered those famous words, "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

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  • SwiftONE

    How will it end?

    January 3, 2010 by SwiftONE

    A little while ago I made a blog post asking how you thought season 6 would start, but now it's time to ask the question of how you think it will end.

    Everyone dies? They all get off the island and live happily ever after? So many possibilities, especially considering we know almost nothing about season 6.

    So, what do you think?

    How is one of the greatest television shows of all time going to end?

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