some backstory: I started watching lost just over a year ago - I crammed the first four seasons in in time to watch the season 5 premier - it was hard - I was watching at least an hour of lost a day for weeks on end - then I watched the premier and started jonesing hard because now I was getting an hour a week!

since season 5 ended (I'm going to preface this by saying I have a lot of free time) I watched the entire thing backwards (weird, I know) so, in the last year, I've watched the entire thing twice

now with only a few days to go and some boredom/free time setting in, I want to watch a few episodes - I've seen all of season 5 at least twice and there's not a lot there that I need to go over again - so I'm reaching out to the community here to recommend some great episodes for us all to re-watch - I think tonight I'm going to start with the season 4 opener for one particular reason: on new years eve, I convinced matt flaiz to start watching lost and he and his wife just finished season 3, so I'm going to watch a bit from season 4 so that we can talk about it this weekend

what else would you recommend to watch in the next week?

btw, if you don't know who matt flaiz is, hang your head in shame.

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