OK - so, one thing that bugged me about this season was the "selective flashing" - for example, on flight 316, Jack, etc. flash and go back in time, but Sun, etc. don't flash and stay in the present - at first, I was unsure whether they were in the present (2008) or at some other non-1977 point in time - when Sun and Lapidus get to the Barracks, there's a Dharma recruitment sign hanging off its post, a Dharma logo on the door to the building where they meet Christian and Dharma recruit photos hanging on the wall - why is all that stuff there? I didn't see ANY of that when the others live in the Barracks. I don't recall seeing a single reference to the DI in any of the scenes involving the Barracks.

Also, it's been 3 years since Locke, etc. left the island. Why are the others living on the beach in tents? Why don't they move back to the Barracks and live in their homes with plumbing, etc.?

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