OK - here's something that's bugging me about the whole lost time travel thing - in the last few episodes, people keep saying things like "well, if we change the past, then flight 815 lands" - it doesn't make any sense to think that if Jack were to set off the bomb then POOF he's back on his seat on flight 815 at the INSTANT that it WOULD HAVE torn apart - that's just ridiculous - as faraday pointed out, "this is our present" - since Jack has traveled back in time (and I'm saying just "Jack" here so I don't have to name everyone else, but the point's the same) - let's call him "Jack 1" - well, there's a "Jack 2" somewhere in the world in 1977 (assuming that Jack was born before 1977) - if by some chance Jack 2 ends up on flight 815 (and Jack 1 has indeed "changed things") he'll probably not crash on the island - however, Jack 1 will die "in the past" and will never re-visit the moment of flight 815's crash - I'm not sure why everyone thinks that will happen - it's not like preventing the incident changes one and EXACTLY one event (flight 815's crash) - preventing the incident may prevent (or simply delay) the swan being built - more than likely, changing one event in the past so significantly will change a lot of things about the future - it's like not the incident and flight 815's crash are the only two moments in time that affect each other

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