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    Eros and Logos

    May 14, 2009 by SuperDayv

    Everyone seems to be assigning moral characteristics to Jacob and his friend. Another way to view them is as opposing forces of reality, no more moral than lightening which is what does and does what it is. Maybe Jacob and X represent Eros and Logos, the opposing forces of combination and separation. Freud called them the life and death instincts.

    Jacob can be seen as Eros in the fact that he helped bring everyone together to the island, or more symbolically in his weaving. His friend, though it isn't obvious may turn out to be Logos; I also believe him to be the smoke monster which may fit in nicely with this definition.

    They aren't good or bad, just entities embodying these all encompassing forces. His friend naturally gravitates towa…

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    Augustus Le Plongeon first proposed the idea of a lost continent named "Mu", that was originally located in the Pacific but disappeared near the dawn of human history. He stated that many ancient Mayan writings spoke about a civilization which predated Greece and Egypt. He went on to theorize than emigrants from Mu founded the Egyptian and Mayan civilization.

    Mu's existence is disputed because "a continent can neither sink nor be destroyed by any conceivable catastrophe, especially not in the short period of time required by this premise."

    hmm sound like any landmass we know that CAN disapear in a short period of time?

    I really like this idea, that the island's civilization predated Egypt and its emigrants actually founded the Egyptian and …

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