I saw some transcripts. In Pilot, Part 1 transcript Korean is written.

  • JIN: 내 옆에서 없어지면 안 돼. 내가 어디로 가든지 꼭 따라와. 알겠지? [Sun nods.] 다른 사람 신경쓰지 말고 우린 같이 있어야 돼. [Subtitle: You must not leave my sight. You must follow me wherever I go. Do you understand? Don't worry about the others. We need to stay together.]

But there's no Korean in The Whole Truth transcript

  • JIN: [Subtitle: Are you coming to bed?]

I want to fill (I want to help Lostpedia!), but before doing it, I have to know if this has some purpose or this happened just because LP didn't have Korean user. (I thought, In Lostpedia, everything happens for a reason :P)?Since I'm Korean I can fill the transcripts with Korean (but I can't if it has some reason!) So what's your idea about this? :) Should I fill this? It'll be a great pleasure!

So I'll revise transcripts page by page! Thanks for everyone's comment :) I wanna start it and finish just now, but I can't do fast... :(

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