Jin-Soo Kwon is written as Kwon Jin-Soo in his infobox and the page's first line.
And i went to Sun-Hwa Kwon's page, her name was written as just Sun-Hwa Kwon.
Both are Korean so i think their name should be written in same style.
(In my opinion, Korean Style - Like Kwon Jin-soo and Kwon Sun-Hwa - would be better)
Is there a particular reason for writing differently?
→ Now @Julietfan2626 modified Sun's page

And I just saw Ji-Yeon Kwon. Her name is written as Kwon Ji Yeon. There's no hypen in her name :$
→ @Julietfan2626 also changed this little bit, so I changed Ji Yeon to Ji-Yeon
Because I thought it will be much easier to change Ji-Yeon's pages than to change Jin or Sun's pages...
But still so many pages :( Anybody wants to do this with me? :P

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