Hello everyone,

I think last night's episode gave us all some food for thought.

First, I do NOT think like many others on this site that the light is bad. I think it represents God in all of us. Like the mother said, "every man has a bit of this light in him - but they always wanbt more." I think it is the pursuit of this light/power that is evil. Just like in all the Indiana Jones movies, all the men who attempted to hold the Arc of the Covenant met an early demise unless like Indiana Jones, they were humble and noble in their pursuits.

Jacob was certainly humble and simple. He didn't want the responsibility of the island. Just like Jack doesn't. But in a recent episode, Sawyer pointed out to him that it had to be him.

The whole thing about "twins" not being raised by the mother reminds me of Star Wars. Both with Luke and Leia and originally by Anakin. Remember that Anakin started out pure and noble but it was his Mother's death that changed him and had him destroy a city. Could that mean that Jacob killed those people and not his Mom?

Also, while they are NOT twins, are Claire and Jack like Luke and Leia? Or are they like Jacob and MIB? Is MIB's affinity for Claire becdause he sees her as the "bad" sibling too?

I think it is great that the writers showed us a "good" side of MIB. It was his pursuits for answers and "home" that led him to WANT more than he should.

I find it interesting that MIB and his Fake Mother were more alike (lying) and even used the same exact words about people coming to the island "they come, they corrupt" but that Jacob was more positive and wanted "progress."

And isn't it always the "favorite" son that turns bad - Anakin, the Arc Angel Michael that turned in to the devil. It is always the pursuit of MORE POWER that makes them bad.

Also, Jacob's motives in giving his brother the wine jug recently may have been more to rub it in his face that the Mother made him the Guardian of the Light by drinking the wine.

And the last point, I don't think that MIB is pure evil but I do think he represents the "black" in all of us. The White and Black Rocks need to stay on the island in order to maintain balance.

Whatta show! Thoughts! Summerskyler 13:49, May 12, 2010 (UTC)Summerskyler

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