Hi Fellow Lost Fans, I agree with many others that the island was submerged under water at the end of Season 4 and that it had nothing to do with Jughead. It must have been that when Juliet was drinking on the beach and Sawyer swam up, they must have already "jumped time."

The other thing that I find very interesting is that back in Season 1 when Shannon translated Rosseau's journals, the result was the song, "Under The Sea." Does that mean that the. island has been underwater the entire time?

I have an important question that I hope someone can shed some light on this. In the beginning of Season 5, we assume that the Losties are in a time period after Flight 815 (maybe 2007)because Kate saw the hatch blown up and Cindy mentions that they are from the first plane. However, why was the ditch that Juliet was in with Jughead still in tact. If they jumped time, why wouldn't that hole have been filled up (like the well was when Locke was in it.)

Can someone help me understand how the hatch remnants could have been there AND the spot when Juliet was in with Jughead at the same time?

Thanks. Summerskyler 05:02, February 15, 2010 (UTC)summerskyler

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