Some thoughts on why Desmond may be the Candidate:

1. Desmond is now visiting the Losties just like Jacob did - to show them some higher purpose.

2. I believe Desmond's intentions are good. In last night's episode, I think he ran down Locke to jog his memory, not to harm him. Remember that both Charlie (choking on the plane) and Desmond (underwater in the car) needed traumatic events to job their memories.

3. Desmond has taken on a nonchalant attitude just like Jacob had with the MiB. I think that angers MiB to the point where he wants to kill him just like he wanted to kill Jacob but couldn't.

4. The fact that Desmond saw the young Jacob angered MiB - because I think it indicated that Desmond was now a candidate.In an earlier episode, Sawyer saw a younger Jacob. I think his age progression is showing that Jacob's "power" is stronger within Desmond.

5. While Desmond was never one of the six numbers, was their significance to his number in Hurley's Cluck restaurant being 42? Wasn't that Jack's original number? The number 42 has all sorts of significance to the writers and in The Hitchhikers Ultimate Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the end all and be all.

6. Was Eloise's comment in the previous episode to Desmond of "You're not ready." to indicate that he had life lessons to learn before he can take over the island?

7. Desmond is definitely unique - with special abilities. He seems to remember all about his other life while in talking to Ben about his son, Charley. I think it is his mission to make all our friends remember the island so that he can somehow get back to his family.

This show is just great! Thoughts. ~thanks. Summerskyler 12:48, April 15, 2010 (UTC)SummerSkyler t

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