• Summerskyler

    I do not believe the FST was an afterlife.

    Instead it was "another life, brotha." It was NOT purgatory.

    I believe it was based on the notion in the Buddhist religion (called Samsara) where we keep "re-living" our lives with some minor tweaks in order to keep trying to "get it right" so we can eventually be ready/perfect for the afterlife.

    In the FST, the LOSTies came to terms with their issues. I think all of them were then ready at the end of the series to "move on" to Nirvana. All except Ben who wasn't ready because he still hadn't achieved his best life so according to Buddhist religion, Ben could have to continue to suffer in Samsara before he could go to heaven/nirvana/utopia.

    ALL the timelines were REAL and ACTUALLY HAPPENED. This "livin…

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  • Summerskyler

    Hello everyone,

    I think last night's episode gave us all some food for thought.

    First, I do NOT think like many others on this site that the light is bad. I think it represents God in all of us. Like the mother said, "every man has a bit of this light in him - but they always wanbt more." I think it is the pursuit of this light/power that is evil. Just like in all the Indiana Jones movies, all the men who attempted to hold the Arc of the Covenant met an early demise unless like Indiana Jones, they were humble and noble in their pursuits.

    Jacob was certainly humble and simple. He didn't want the responsibility of the island. Just like Jack doesn't. But in a recent episode, Sawyer pointed out to him that it had to be him.

    The whole thing a…

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  • Summerskyler

    Some thoughts on why Desmond may be the Candidate:

    1. Desmond is now visiting the Losties just like Jacob did - to show them some higher purpose.

    2. I believe Desmond's intentions are good. In last night's episode, I think he ran down Locke to jog his memory, not to harm him. Remember that both Charlie (choking on the plane) and Desmond (underwater in the car) needed traumatic events to job their memories.

    3. Desmond has taken on a nonchalant attitude just like Jacob had with the MiB. I think that angers MiB to the point where he wants to kill him just like he wanted to kill Jacob but couldn't.

    4. The fact that Desmond saw the young Jacob angered MiB - because I think it indicated that Desmond was now a candidate.In an earlier episode, Sawyer …

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  • Summerskyler

    Hi Fellow Lost Fans, I agree with many others that the island was submerged under water at the end of Season 4 and that it had nothing to do with Jughead. It must have been that when Juliet was drinking on the beach and Sawyer swam up, they must have already "jumped time."

    The other thing that I find very interesting is that back in Season 1 when Shannon translated Rosseau's journals, the result was the song, "Under The Sea." Does that mean that the. island has been underwater the entire time?

    I have an important question that I hope someone can shed some light on this. In the beginning of Season 5, we assume that the Losties are in a time period after Flight 815 (maybe 2007)because Kate saw the hatch blown up and Cindy mentions that they ar…

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