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March 9, 2009
  • Suliet

    About Last Night...

    April 2, 2009 by Suliet

    WOW, what a great ep! Just a few thoughts on the characters:

    Juliet: Everyone is going gung-ho about Lilly’s acting this ep, which I agree was fab. But Juliet had some pretty awesome moments too. When she was desperately trying to save little Ben’s life, and when she barged into Jack’s house, and told Miles and Hurley to give her a little privacy. LOL. Classic. She has every right to be upset, there she was on the operating table, doing the best she could, and knowing there was a surgeon on the Island who purposely was not helping her. I loved her interaction with Jack, he’s such a pathetic character now, there is nothing redeeming about him. He’s selfish and useless. Anyway, she kicked ass and basically told Jack he let her down and that w…

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  • Suliet

    Ben: A victim of destiny

    April 1, 2009 by Suliet

    We all remember Terminator II, when the Terminator went to the past and told little John Connor that it was his destiny to become the saviour of the human race. John Connor, a normal teenager up to this point is taken by surprise and his whole life changes because of what the Terminator tells him. Hence...Hero John Connor.

    Well, perhaps John Connor and Ben Linus have a lot in common. In Little Ben's case, Sayid (a stranger) comes into Ben's life and has a deep profound effect on Ben. Assuming, Ben recovers from the gun show Sayid inflicted on him, he must now come to terms with why he was shot. If he does figure out that Sayid came from the future to kill Ben because Future Ben is evil, then this event could have a self fullfilling prophecy…

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  • Suliet

    What's Widemore up to?

    March 26, 2009 by Suliet

    Okay so this season we know Widemore is trying to alter the past because of what he told Locke about the "war" and if he's not back "the wrong side will win, again" soo he wants Locke to go back to the Island and apperantly lead the Others. BUT, at the same time Ben and Sayid are killing EVERYONE on Team Widemore, and when Sayid refused to kill Adabon (sp?) Ben killed him himself. So it looks to be like Team Ben is winning. Both teams claim to want the Losties back on the Island, Ben probably to keep the past the same, Widemore to change it. So is Widemore just standing around while all this is happening? What's he up to these days??? And is The War, the Incident? or is it The Purge?

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  • Suliet

    The more I think about it, the more I think time travel on the island is made possible by an alternate dimmension. We forget that the characters dont travel through time, the Island moves through time. When Faraday was telling the Losties (Left Behinders) that he wasnt sure if the island was traveling or they were traveling. I think at that time, the Losties were moving WITH the Island (the problem which needed to be corrected) and this is why Sawyer could see Aaron/Kate/Claire, he had a window of the other dimmension. Whereas Kate and them probably would have just heard whispers. In fact Kate and them, were not moving with the Island, or else they would have been seeing the flashing lights too. So...there are different versions of the Is…

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