Here's a short list of LOST mysteries that were present in the show at some time, but now they seem to be forgotten. It's a list of those mysteries that bothered me the most in the past episodes. I wouldn't expect any explanation for them. Really disappointing.

  • What special properties do the trees that people use for hiding from the Monster have? Why the Monster can't move through them?
  • What about Mikhail? How did he heal from apparently fatal wounds so many times?
  • Minds traveling through time. The whole concept seems to be totally abandoned now. Also, Eloise Hawking able to see that Desmond is experiencing flashbacks.
  • Walt's super powers. He seems no longer significant.
  • Magic box and Locke's father popping out from nowhere. How did that happen?
  • The Swan mural. Contained many interesting elements, neither of them ever explained.
  • Dave, Hurley's imaginary friend. Could be that the Dark Entity was just screwing with him or trying to make him attempt suicide to ruin Jacob's plans though.
  • The Numbers. They're everywhere, yet they don't seem to have any other function than entering them in the Swan computer and appearing in every place they can.
  • The sickness. Appeared to be a major theme (vaccines and stuff), now completely abandoned.
  • Good guys and bad guys. Same as the Numbers. It can mean who is on Jacob's side and who is on his nemesis' side, but I wonder how do they explain that everyone is able to distinguish those sides back from the season 1.4
  • Kidnapping children. We saw many kids cuffed and walking somewhere while someone was hiding in the bushes (I don't remember that scene exactly though). What's the meaning of this?

If you remember something I don't, please remind me of that in the comments section. Also, feel free to post other abandoned mysteries.

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