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    I think they will be dull of explanations and answers. Furthermore, I am convinced that in the next episode we will really see what the Island really is, and how Jacob and MiB came to be on that Island. Maybe we'll have an answer what's their purpose, or who is the mysterious boy. I think that we will finally see how is it possible for MiB to turn into black smoke and other people - or, how Jacob stole his body. If they don't explain those in the next two episodes, they would have to explain it in the finale, which would make for a really sucky finale.

    Personally, I believe that the three of our most mysterious characters are on the Island for a very, very long time and have some sort of connection to each other. Maybe they are connected by…

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    Is Widmore a total moron? Why didn't he put the power generator for the fence INSIDE the fence itself, and then leave a man or two to turn it off whenever someone friendly asked them to? I find it hilarious that a lone Iraqi soldier could just deactivate it.

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    It went like this:

    Hurley: So the fans were right from the start and the whispers are voices of dead people?
    Michael: Yeah

    I thought they'll make up something much more creative than some fan theories (which were typically proved wrong).

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    I noticed that this time, when Richard is approaching the Statue's ruins, and is sitting near them with Jacob, only the right foot is left. I wonder if this is a continuity error, because I could swear I heard a "flash-sideways" sound when Richard's supposed "flashback" began. So, this may be the alternate timeline.

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    Here's a short list of LOST mysteries that were present in the show at some time, but now they seem to be forgotten. It's a list of those mysteries that bothered me the most in the past episodes. I wouldn't expect any explanation for them. Really disappointing.

    • What special properties do the trees that people use for hiding from the Monster have? Why the Monster can't move through them?
    • What about Mikhail? How did he heal from apparently fatal wounds so many times?
    • Minds traveling through time. The whole concept seems to be totally abandoned now. Also, Eloise Hawking able to see that Desmond is experiencing flashbacks.
    • Walt's super powers. He seems no longer significant.
    • Magic box and Locke's father popping out from nowhere. How did that happe…
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