• Stilllost

    After a night's sleep, I've changed my mind on the Lost finale. I was actually quite angry when I watched the last few minutes, feeling cheated by the lack of a cohesive conclusion that tied everything together. However, I've reflected on it and come to the conclusion that it was well written, and it actually ended the way it should... as long as you understand what the show was actually about.

    I, like many others, saw Lost as a puzzle to be worked out, and presumed that all the answers would come in some neat package at the end with a "rational" explanation - specifically with regards to the two timelines. But, that's missing the point.

    Lost transcended genres - started off as a drama about survivors of a plane crash, then moving into myste…

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  • Stilllost

    I originally posted a theory on the MiB's page about him being killed by water at the start of Season 6. Given that we've now seen Flocke interact with water on a number of occasions, this theory was updated to state that he is "affected" by water. See the theory page for the details.

    I'm still of the belief that water is ultimately his weakness and, in smoke form, it could kill him. If this is true, this gives a reason why the island would be sunk... as a last resort if containment failed. I don't accept that the bomb was how the Island was sunk - it would, at most, rip the Island to shreds. The first Episode of Season 6 shows the Island seems to have been lowered quite smoothly.

    However, it's clear that - by the time he got off the island …

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  • Stilllost

    I've come up with a few theories on how the final episode may play out, by reviewing some of the comments characters have said in Season 6.

    In the episode "Happily Ever After" Eloise Widmore (e.g. alternative Eloise) warns Desmond that it would be a "violation" to give him information. This implies that there were some rules in place, almost like some sort of peace treaty.

    Theory: The Losties will be presented with a choice. Travel back and sink the Island in 1977, killing themselves, Jacob and the MiB, but protecting it forever. However, their alternative lives will all play out slightly differently as a result. Some will like this, others won't. Crucially, they need to be prevented from "remembering" the Island, or at least being aware of the…

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  • Stilllost

    Note: This was originally a post on the page Talk:Across_the_Sea/Theories but I decided to turn it into a Blog Post, as it's more about the final direction of the show

    With only around 3 hours left to go, after this episode I've resigned myself to the fact that we're not going to find detailed answers about the mythology of Lost... even less than I thought we would get. We have to accept that Lost is more "fantasy" than "sci-fi"

    Theories have always fallen into two categories:

    • Theories about the origins of things/people on/off the Island, and
    • Theories about what is going to happen next.

    I'm expecting there to be one more "explanation" episode which sets up some action-based conflict for the final two episodes to resolve. We just don't have time…

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