I answered to someone's post yesterday, and since then, I've been doing some second guessing, and figured I'd mention my thoughts here. And besides, there's a good chance I'm way off, but that's what's great about theroizing!

Are the original inhabitants of the island Egyptian, or followers of their beliefs? What about many of the Christian references we've had on the show, including references to the island's history? Let me spell out just a few of these things...

Egyptian References: -The statue... most likely of Anubis, the Egyptian guardian of the underworld. -Hieroglyphics. We've seen a lot of them in different places on the island. -Hurley's drawing of the Sphinx, while staying at Santa Rosa. -Richard. Some have speculated on his use of eye liner, his possibly being the embodiment of Anubis, and his initials are R.A. Possibly a reference to the God Ra?

Christian References: -Many names... John, Jacob, Benjamin, Christian, The Shepard family name, Aaron... -John's corpse arrived to the island aboard Ajira flight 316. -Eko's religious beliefs, and the carvings on his stick. -The Others speak Latin.

What if the Egyptians came after the Christian inhabitants, and wiped them all out? Obviously there are many differences in their cultures, and there would most likely have been a violent conflict. Since the island's mysterious properties would no doubt have been a priceless treasure, did the Egyptians come, and harness these for themselves? The "monster" has been shown to flow through vents in the ground of the island, and there is an area (under Ben's barracks) where it can be released. It seems to rest, or is imprisoned, in the lowest, and up until "Dead Is Dead", hidden level of the temple. The moster is also very judgemental, or angry, if you will. Also, the time traveling property has been harnessed by moving a wheel. And Jacob, who's name is of Christian reference, is the "great man" of whom The Others follow. But the only words we've heard him utter, from "The Man Behind The Curtain" in season three, was "help me".

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