• Stevie Ray

    I answered to someone's post yesterday, and since then, I've been doing some second guessing, and figured I'd mention my thoughts here. And besides, there's a good chance I'm way off, but that's what's great about theroizing!

    Are the original inhabitants of the island Egyptian, or followers of their beliefs? What about many of the Christian references we've had on the show, including references to the island's history? Let me spell out just a few of these things...

    Egyptian References: -The statue... most likely of Anubis, the Egyptian guardian of the underworld. -Hieroglyphics. We've seen a lot of them in different places on the island. -Hurley's drawing of the Sphinx, while staying at Santa Rosa. -Richard. Some have speculated on his u…

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  • Stevie Ray

    Being somewhat new here, I don't know if this has already been discussed. I've heard the names mentioned before (Swan orientation video) of whom it was that founded/started Dharma, but how did they find out about the island? I mean, the island is hard to find, right?

    I started really thinking about this today, after reading some other posts here. If the hostiles were able to fight off the U.S. Army from infiltrating their island, why wouldn't they have been able to do the same when the Dharma first arrived? I also read here that Widmore's name (was it Widmore Industries?) was written on the side of one of the pallet drops? And why else would the Dharma group errect building/houses over key island locations (Ben's barracks over Cerebus'…

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