Now i'm sure that I'm not the only one to have ever mentioned this, and i'm really not sure whether I hope i'm right or not, but do you think that there is still a slim chance that everything we've seen has been one giant swindle?

To elaborate, I was watching 'orientation' again, with the original Dharma video about the de groots and the vast empire of Alvar Hanso and thought to myself that it might still be possible that Island, it's events and characters are all somehow a product of a massive experiment conducted to study the Oceanic 815 lead characters, and in turn, us. Whatever the case may be, I'd hazard a guess that root of it will be found very early on in the LOST story, perhaps even in the first few episodes.

Think about everything that's happened and it is viable that what we've seen isn't actually what we think we've seen at all. Put yourself the shoes of Jack, Sawyer and co. How would you know you've been time travelling at all, or that the island moved anywhere. A superb demonstration of smoke and mirrors by an organisation with the funding to pull it off?

Rationally, I think i'm probably reading waay too much into this, but it certainly could happen. and what an awesome reveal that would be. Just interested to hear your thoughts....

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