Thanks to those of you who dropped your stoic fascades and voted for their favourite tear-jerking moment from Lost. I've had a scan through the comments, tallied up some scores and it seems that even with the small sample of you who voted, the following stand out as the best "lump in throat" moments from the series:

Joint 3rd:

- Vincent chasing the raft and being told to turn around by Walt, in 'Exodus Pt1'. It seems that you Lostpedians are also big dog lovers.

- Juliet's "death" in 'the Incident Pt2' (strangely this seemed far more poignent a moment to you than her recent season 6 demise). I'd guess that Josh Holloway's fine acting had something to do with this.

- The Desmond & Penny phone conversation at the end of 'the Constant'. I'd actually forottten about this one, and have now gone back and watched it again...moving stuff.

2nd Place:

- It seems that the theory of recency stands true, as the 2nd highest voted scene in the blog was the "because he's the only one who'll have me" scene from last week's episode, 'Dr Linus'. Great work from Michael Emerson....again!

1st Place:

As might be expected, it seems that anything concerning the death of both an important and universally well liked character would bring swathes of viewers to tears in any TV show, book or film. As such, the moment voted as the greatest Lost tear-jerker, was the "not Penny's boat" scene from "through the looking glass pt2". Brillantly shot in partial slow-motion and typically of Lost, with a great piece of music playing, this apparently reduced us all to blubbering wrecks. (nb - it seems that anything concerning Charlies death, including the 'Hurley tells clare' and the 'hurley finds out' scenes both got several mentions)

I've quite enjoyed this little polling exercise, as it takes a break from the usual theorising blogs, I hope you have too. I think I might do a few more while the show's still going, so look out for the "i just sh*t my pants" and the "phwooar, i'd have a bit of that" moments which i'll do next!

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