Everybody seems to be focusing on how Lost is going to play out over the remaining episodes, but I say sit back, enjoy it and lets use our remaining time in this fine online community to reflect on why we all love the show so much. With this in mind, lets get in touch with our sensitive sides! Surely the brilliance of Lost is in the construction of its deep, uniquely flawed characters. Without them, even the greatest plot in the world would be pointless. As such, I'd like to use this blog to ask everyone to vote for your favourite "tearjerker" moment so far. You know, the one that put that little ol' lump in your throat, made your bottom lip quiver or sent you in to a full on tear-fest! So ditch the machismo, and speak up! Here's mine:

Scene: The scene in Season 1, Exodus Pt1 where Sawyer tells Jack about him meeting Christian in the bar in Sydney. Particularly about how he was proud and wished he could pick up the phone to tell him he loved him....whimper.....

Reason: This is pure man-bonding magic and very nearly had me blubbering like a ten year old schoolgirl. I even told the other half I had something in my eye. Tragic, I know, but such a good moment.

I do have a feeling that handled correctly, the impending Jin & Sun reunion might take the cake in these stakes. Here's hoping.

Peace and love people....Peace and love!

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