Just a bit of fun this one, and I admit stealing some thunder from the 'lost spin-off' post, but I've always been a fan of transfer markets and being a UK footy fan, the big talk of last summer was Ronaldo moving from Manchester Utd to Real Madrid. Following this train of thought led me into a lengthy conversation about character transfers between shows. Here are some (admittedly lame) ideas, please pitch in;

1) Jack Shepherd joins ER after escaping the island, cue lengthy plotline involving alcoholism and father issues.

2) Sawyer 'flashes' onto the set of Deadwood. Cue bar fight with Al Swearingen and the sheriff. Swindles a few gold prospectors then opens a brothel.

3) Hurley joins the starring cast of 2 1/2 men. Show is re-titled 3 3/4 men.

4) Ben becomes the arch rival of Dexter in the final season. Lies his way to become the commisioner of Miami Metro PD and exposes Dexter Morgan while progressing an unfathomable masterplan.

5) Matthew Abaddon is a no-nonsence Police Chief in Baltimore PD and is eventually promoted all the way to become the head of a paranormal investigative unit in....hang on, didn't this one happen?

You get it........

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