Now I get it. Here are all the answers!

Here's all the answer's we'll get answers (plus a few more extensions in the last 1 hr 24 mins):

Widmore - on island, boffed eloise, left island, got very rich, returned to island, dead.

Eloise - writes equations, likes churches and fucking with desmond's head, sacrificed her son

Jack - man of science, got drunk, man of faith, drink some water and became the immortal protecotor of the island

Others - bought to island, shot things, went along with a 'leader', generally pointless, mostly dead

Richard - slave, very old, advisor, dead

Whispers - dead folk

MIB - Christian, spiders, locke, smoke thing, probably lived in a cabin for a while Ben - gutless, self interested murderer with daddy issues

Walt - killed a bird, met his dad, burned a raft, got kidnapped, appeared randomly, left the island

Claire - had baby, kidnapped (sort of), went a bit mad

Locke - confused for 5 seasons, dead

Dharma - found an island, did some experiments, died

Desmond - pushed a button, got frazzed, apparently quite useful will probably save everyone is a fairly conventional manner

numbers - spoke by a madman, repeated on a radio broadcast, won a lottery, got written on a cave wall, utterly inconsequential

Hurley - you know what,i'm not going to mess with Hurley!

Lapidus - flys planes, dead, no one cares

miles - speaks to dead people, witty, son of Candlewax

Chang - Likes aliases and science

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