In my last blog, i wrote a brief description of how the show might end. It involved a sort of circular paradox with a self fulfiling prophecy spin on the candidates. Several people commented that it was probably wishful thinking that the show will finish with an ending that while suitably complex enough to please the hardcore fan, would be coherent and brilliant in its design. Of course I hope this isn't the case.

Unfortunately, the one thing that all us lostpedians must admit to, is that in our incessant theorising about the ultimate 'set of answers' that will unravel the mystery of Lost, we have built our expectations to a point that the Lost writers will find impossible to satisfy. In short we have become the architects of our own post-lost misery.

However, this got me thinking. When I was at school, rather than pay attention in class, or actually study hard, my friends and I used to play a game. We would write a story between ourselves. We'd get a piece of paper, fold it several times and pass it to the first person. They would then start. The usual...One day a man in a suit was running to catch his train, when suddenly.....and then the next person would pick it up - with no real limit on how much they wrote, it was up to them. More often than not, they were borderline obscene, or just plain ridiculous. It was always good fun though, and hilarious to read back years later.

With this in mind, I propose that we rewrite Lost in a similar fashion. If it works well enough, i'll paste the story thread together and re-post it. This might well fall on its arse, but here goes:

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