• Steveo556

    Here's all the answer's we'll get answers (plus a few more extensions in the last 1 hr 24 mins):

    Widmore - on island, boffed eloise, left island, got very rich, returned to island, dead.

    Eloise - writes equations, likes churches and fucking with desmond's head, sacrificed her son

    Jack - man of science, got drunk, man of faith, drink some water and became the immortal protecotor of the island

    Others - bought to island, shot things, went along with a 'leader', generally pointless, mostly dead

    Richard - slave, very old, advisor, dead

    Whispers - dead folk

    MIB - Christian, spiders, locke, smoke thing, probably lived in a cabin for a while Ben - gutless, self interested murderer with daddy issues

    Walt - killed a bird, met his dad, burned a raft, got kid…

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  • Steveo556

    Thanks to those who contributed to my last blog - 'Lost: The Pedian Edit'. As expected, it was rather funny, and works about as well as I expected. I would have liked a few more responses, but as ever, posts get bumped down and forgotten about quite quickly. As promised here's the transcript (i tweakd it a little to make it all present tense, hiopefully this makes easier reading!:

    One day, a man in a suit wakes up suddenly in the middle of the jungle. Looking up he sees a golden retriever wagging its tail and looking curiously at him. The dog then runs off into the depths of the jungle, prompting the man to get to his feet. At that point, he hears a scream in the distance.

    Confused and intrigued he runs towards the direction of the scream an…

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  • Steveo556

    In my last blog, i wrote a brief description of how the show might end. It involved a sort of circular paradox with a self fulfiling prophecy spin on the candidates. Several people commented that it was probably wishful thinking that the show will finish with an ending that while suitably complex enough to please the hardcore fan, would be coherent and brilliant in its design. Of course I hope this isn't the case.

    Unfortunately, the one thing that all us lostpedians must admit to, is that in our incessant theorising about the ultimate 'set of answers' that will unravel the mystery of Lost, we have built our expectations to a point that the Lost writers will find impossible to satisfy. In short we have become the architects of our own post-l…

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  • Steveo556

    The Cycle

    May 12, 2010 by Steveo556

    I reckon the whole things gonna end up being some sort of mad paradox. Here's my thinking:

    The mother is descended from someone from the OST who has travelled back in time. The candidate is the one person assigned with the task of ensuring that timeline continues to lead up to the point where that person travels back and kicks things off again. And so the loop continues. If this loop is broken, then clearly, the original timeline will cease to exist.

    The 'source'/electromagnetic property of the island is what allows this loop to happen, and therefore must be protected at all costs. As such the candidate must ensure that this is protected.

    'Adam/MIB wishes to leave the Island. This is not a part of the cycle so must not be allowed to happen. W…

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  • Steveo556

    Did anyone else think that Anthony Cooper's blank stare was similar to that of Desmond and Minkowski when their conciousness' were jumping around in time/space. I wonder if there's some Island shenanigens connected to Locke's FST plane accident. For instance, I wonder if the Island bringing OST Antony Cooper to it (as per season 3) has some connection to the fate of FST Antony Cooper. Just a thought.

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