I have read some of the theories that Mib is not the smoke monster and i must admit there is no scene of Flocke actually turning into the smoke and vice versa. I have also seen the theories that there is a higher power on the island, higher than Jacob and MIB. What if this whole scenario is a game overseen by that higher power and that power is the smoke monster. Since Jacob was killed, MiB has won the game. Perhaps the reward for the winner of this game is that the smoke monster will help in any endeavor that the winner wants. THerefore MIB is not the smoke but he now has control of it. Flocke could be telling people that he is the smoke to make himself a feared leader. One thing I can think of is when the Black Rock crashed and Richard and the crew had their run in with the smoke and MIb. It could still be two different entities. THis could explain why we see Richard's wife(maybe MIB) and we hear the noises of the smoke monster outside. MIB doesn't seem very violent as a person he actually is very calm and collected. He just wants what he wants and that is to get off the island and he is getting help from the higher power to do this. THis is just a theory. I actually think it is more logical that MIB is the smoke but who knows it could be the big twist of the season/series. Anything could happen...

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