After "Ab Aeterno" I have noticed many more similarities between MIB and the mythological three headed dog Cerberus. First of all cerberus was guardian of the gates of the underworld which could be construed as hell as mentioned in this episode. This could be what the MIB is actually set to do on the island. The island is kind of like the river Styx. One must cross the river to enter the underworld. Perhaps in lost mib/cerberus has become fed up with his job and wishes to leave his job. Jacob perhaps Hades in the mythology cannot let this happen because then everyone in the underworld would be able to get out with no guardian. I don't think all of this could be accurate but I just wanted to highlight the idea that the DI called the smoke monster cerberus for a reason and I believe theres more to that than just the smoke looking like it sometimes has three heads. Let me know what you think. Thanks--Steigelman123 03:01, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

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