Who kidnapt her? asked Jennifer. I couldn't find Nancy nowhere. Oh no said Bob.

Flashback: Bob

Bob was his daughter Nina Crash in a car. Dad, are children smart? asked Nina. Yes Nina, they are smart, really smart said Bob. Sam Cormett opened the door and taked Nina. What are you doing? asked Bob. Killing your daughter of course said Sam. Dad! said Nina. No! said Nina

  • -

Bob looked at the table. Nancy had kidnapt her. But where is she going to? asked Jack. She's going to, who? asked Jennifer. Tracy thought about the flashes. Of course, she's going to Elisabeth Smatthouse said Tracy.

We have not much time said Tracy. We have to go to Eve Point 105 said Tracy. The group was the point. Finally after all this time, you betrayed me said Eric. I'm sorry my son, but I had to said Nancy.

Why this time? asked Eric. Son, you just helped me with my plan. You brought them at the right moment to me said Nancy. I have to kill you said Eric. You're not going to kill me said Nancy.

Eric put his gun out his pants. You're going die tonight said Eric. You can kill many people, but not me, Elisabeth go away. You have to go with Mandy said Nancy. NO! screamed Bob. Elisabeth and Mandy were gone.

Eric shot many times. What have you done? asked Bob. I have just killed my mother, the betrayer said Eric. What now? We have LOST Mandy said Jennifer. We're going to your home, Bob and Jennifer and we will thinking later about Mandy said Eric. Bob and Jennifer walked on the road.

Eric looked the last time at his mother. Why? asked Eric.

To be continued

End of Part 2 of episode 6.--Station7 19:02, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

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