Who do you like more? Part 3

Station7 October 13, 2009 User blog:Station7

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Is it Sayid, Mr.Torturer of Sawyer, Mr.Conman. In the begining of LOST, I had more respect for Sayid because he was loking for his love, Nadia. Sawyer was at season 1, defintely someone who I didn't wanted up on a Island. Exactley also not Mr.Torturer. But good I had respect for him, because he was looking for his love. Sawyer, I was scared for him. But now in season 5, I didn't like Sayid, because he was very different, he lost his love and didn't listen to Sawyer, who had a good plan. Sawyer has changed a lot in the seasons. In season 5, he was good man, defintly on the end in the Incident Parts 1 & 2. So I would vote for Sawyer, because he is a good man.--Station7 20:02, October 13, 2009 (UTC)

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