Which Lost books own you (and then really own)?

Station7 November 18, 2011 User blog:Station7

Are the a few persons here who own books from Lost like the list on Literary works? Not by internet, but as person own!

I own 9 books: Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll), Carrie (by Stephen King :-), Catch-22 (by Joseph Heller :-), A Christmas Carroll (by Charles Dickens), The Chosen (by Chaim Potok), Evil Under the Sun (by Agatha Christie), Jurassic Park (by Michael Crifton), Through the Looking-Glass ...and What Alice Found There (by Lewis Carroll), Valhalla Rising (by Clive Cussler) and Water Shipdown (by Richard Adams).

I'm sure I will later have more, but can you defeat me :) ? --Station7 17:48, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

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