I think LOST means something with a message. When Jack eye's opens, the story begon. Later Boone died, after he and Locke found the Beechraft. The Beechraft was from Eko,the tail-section survivor, who also was on the island. When the second raft was destroyed, Jin, Sawyer and michael met de tailies. After Michael trade, Jack, Kate and Sawyer met Ben and Juliet. Because of Desmond's flashes they found Naomi Dorrit. Naomi died. Miles, Frank, Daniel and Charlotte came on the island. And then I can go further, but here is my point.

What happened if Jack didn't opened he's eye? What happened than to the storyline? And why happened everything for a reason? I think there is something what caused this. I hope yo do understand what i mean.--Station7 18:23, September 29, 2009 (UTC)

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