The Perfect Plane Crash

Station7 October 12, 2009 User blog:Station7

I look several times to people who made videos from day 1, however I miss something.Those people has made videos from the next episodes: Pilot Part 1 (Jack flashback), Pilot Part 2 (Charlie and Kate flashbacks), So It Begins(mobisode)(Christian Shephard, Vincent and Jack), Live Together Die Alone (Desmond flashback), A Tale Of Two Cities (Juliet flashback), The Envelope(mobisode) (Juliet and Amelia), One Of Us (Juliet flashback), Exodus Part 1 (Flashbacks), Exodus Part 2Flashbacks), Expose (Nikki and Paulo flashback), House Of The Rising Sun (Sun flahback), Walkabout (Locke flashback), Greatest Hits(charlie flashback) The Other 48 Days (Tailies)& Two for The Road (Ana Lucia flashback).

These things are they forgotten: Jack and Ana lucia confrontian before flight, ? (Eko flashback in wich Libby appeared at the Sydney Airport), Sayid and Claires deleted scenes from season 1 & Expose (Nikki and Paulo flashback at the Sydney Airport). Have I something forgotten? This would made the perfect plane crash. Could someone please make a video from every moment on day 1?--Station7 20:28, October 12, 2009 (UTC)

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