The Lost Adventures


Desmond has an important expierence after he wakes up and shares it with Ben and Hurley. Hurley discovers “that it’s not over”.

The Ajira Six comes face to face when they are back in Los Angeles. Kate discovers an important piece, that shows “Richard’s death” and Frank is fired from his job as working on an airplane. Miles has still his diamonds, but someone wants to kill Miles in order to get the diamonds? Are it the ghosts of Nikki or Paulo?

Claire is attempt to get back her son, Aaron. Kate wants to help Claire, but then something happens and Kate makes a choice along with Claire that change her life forever.

Sawyer has been made to remove from Los Angeles, but doesn’t have any money at the time and his passport is stolen. Sawyer has a week to find his things, or he will be arrested and put in prison. Who’s behind it and why?

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