The Lost Adventures, Part 6

Previously on the Lost Adventures:

  • Desmond discovers that Walt has to be brought back to the Island, before more people die.
    • Desmond kills Penny and he escapes the authority.
  • Claire and Kate became in love, and Kate discovered that she had to kill Claire’s mother: Carole Littleton in order to get Aaron.
  • Sawyer was tortured by Donna (off-screen) and Richard said he was bleeding like an animal.
  • Miles meets with Eloise Hawking, while the police is searching for him.
  • Frank discovers that he has a family…with a wife and daughter. He is divorced and his daughter has been searching for him.

5 hours earlier in the day.

My name is Dr. Frank Reynolds. I worked in the same hospital as dr. Jack Shephard. I know that something strange was going on, but someone followed me, and kidnapped me, to shot my mouth. I have written this letter in order to discover someone that I know who’s behind this conspiracy. However, the conspiracy is not involved in everything in the things that will happen today. I am hold hostage, because what’s happening is worse then you can even imaging. Maybe, I will be death, maybe not, but God safe us all. If anyone ever see this letter, then God bless you.

The following takes place in real time, not Island time.

What did you said Mrs. Hawking? asked Miles. You met me 53 years ago Miles. I’m not sure who wants to get rid of you, or anyone of the other people, but if you go back, you will loose yourself. I’m sorry Miles. Frank Reynolds was my best friend and he did left me this note said Eloise. Reynolds faked his death said Eloise while crying. Miles looked with big eyes. And Ben tries to recruit Walt with Hurley to the Island. I give you 1 option Miles. Or you try to kill Walt so he can’t go to the Island, or I will call the police and tell them that you are here said Eloise. But what if Reynolds is dead? asked Miles. It’s a risc said Eloise.

Sawyer was bleeding. I have a plan said Sawyer. Convince Donna to kill me said Sawyer. Donna screamed Richard. Donna came. Kill him said Richard. A little bit closer said Sawyer. You really want to die? asked Donna. Yes, lady said Sawyer. 1…2…Sawyer was using his legs and did snap the neck from Donna, killing her.

Richard was taking the keys and were free to go. I’m bleeding Richard said Sawyer. Take me with me said Sawyer. Richard was taking Sawyer with him. Run now said Sawyer. There’s a door. Take that now said Sawyer. Richard opened the door. The door closed. It’s a…hatch said Richard. The hatch was already open. Someone was here before us said Sawyer. Sawyer and Richard were at the tunnel underground.

Sawyer and Richard folloowed the way underground. There’s a dead body. His name is Frank Reynolds. I see it on his nametag said Richard.

Kate and Claire were at the breakfast table. I love you very much said Claire. I know smiled Kate. Kate was looking out of the window. Carole is working for someone said Kate. You’re sure? asked Claire. Yes, I’m absolutely sure said Kate. Carole was doing strange. Her husband Dan Norton has his own company. They are working together for someone said Kate.

Desmond came at the Black Rock. He was finally safe. Desmond was looking at the Black Rock and saw none.

Today on Entertainment TV: Daughter Penelope Widmore died today. She was killed by her husband Desmond Hume, who is missing currently.

I don’t know you said Frank. Nina, “Frank’s wife” came. You got him said Nina while smiling. Indeed I have said Samantha. You don’t know her? You son of a bitch said Nina. Take out your clothes Samantha. Show him, where he raped you said Nina. Samantha was doing what her mother asked her to do so. Look at her, you asswhole said Nina. Take on your clothes said Nina. I never had…said Frank. Frank was standing up. I will search for a job said Frank. I’m sorry Frank. Nina was smashing a pot against Frank’s head. Take him to the basement said Nina.

Ben and Hurley were back with Walt in the van. It’s time to go said Hurley. Walt looked scared. Why me, Hurley? asked Walt. You’re the Chosen One said Hurley. Ben was riding. I have to explain something tos ome guys, and then we will ride back to the Island said Ben.

Gina Stevens, a worker for Donna was taking her phone. We have to call the boss said Gina. Gina was taking the phone and was looking for the number. It’s here said Gina. Only Donna knew who it is said Nicole. Gina called.

Hello? said the voice at the other side. I’m Gina…Donna is killed and Donna also killed Conrad. Richard and Sawyer are currently missing. We don’t know what to do said Gina. Is Nicole with you? asked the voice. Yes said Gina. Bring her with you said the voice. Ben came back. Miles was thinking. We don’t have all the time Miles. Make a choice said Eloise. The one who killed your mother is also the one is behind the conspiracy said Eloise. How do you know? asked Miles. I can look in the past too, and also in the future said Eloise.

Frank woke up. He’s awake said Samantha. Nina was looking at him. You don’t have any family Frank said Nina. We have a conspiracy ourself said Nina. Samantha and I want your money said Nina. Ronald was walking in. Hello Ronald said Nina. Ronald and Nina were kissing. Samantha was taking her knife and was slitting the throat of Ronald, killing him. Good job said Nina.

Frank, you have 1 thing to do for us said You have to walk in the office from the Secrety of the Economy. You will have a scanner, that wil show you where you are said Nina. If you don’t do that and reveal that we’re behind it, we will kill you said Samantha. Do the job, how impossible it is said Nina.

I’m doing it said Miles. Simple job said Eloise. Go and find Walt, Ben and Hurley and kill Walt said Eloise. Miles was riding in his car. Ben, Hurley and Walt were riding in the car.

Sawyer and Richard saw the end of the tunnel. It’s there said Sawyer. Miles finally saw them. He was driving the car really hard and smashed against the van from Ben, and the car was turning around, while Sawyer and Richard opened the tunnel door, which also led the car from Miles, which was turning around.

Sawyer and Richard saw the cars. Miles, Walt, Ben and Hurley said Sawyer. We have to save them said Sawyer. Sawyer was attempt to run, before the police came.

Nicole and Gina came at the boss’s office. Come in said the voice. The doors opened. Penelope Widmore is my name said Penny. Nicole and Gina were shocked. Go sit down and listen said Penny. You’re the one who is behind this conspiracy? asked Nicole. Yes, I am said Penny.

If you want to know why, I will explain said Penny. We’re at Widmore Industies now. Penny looked out of the window. My father wrote a note, and he knew that he would die. I’m taking revenge for my father’s death at the hands of Benjamin Linus. If I kill the candidates, the Island will be destroyed. That’s my first job said Penny. Penny was looking back at Nicole and Gina.

The next job is becoming President of the United States said Penny. Can I ask one single question? said Nicole. Yes, indeed said Penny. Who was the one who was killed by Desmond? asked Nicole. I used an identical body double for myself said Penny. I knew he would come back.

Penny’s phone was going. Penny was taking the phone. I’m sorry girls, but this is private said Penny. Penny was going to another room. Hurley, Walt, Ben, Miles, Richard and Sawyer are arrested said Jeff (the one who was earlier the day a detective for Miles).

That’s awesome said Penny. You’re amazing Penny. First you led them free and now you take them back in custody. The only one who we don’t have are Desmond, Claire, Kate and Frank said Jeff. Can you call the President for me? I know what to do with them said Penny. What? asked Jeff shocked.

They will probaly all being to the hospital said penny. If they do so, then we should have snipers everywhere so that they can’t leave. We have those snipers so that the Ajira Six is protected. If we bring the Ajira Six to the President of the United States, I can use my snipers to be the President of the United States said Penny. But, I have to use a body double, while I’m planning the rest of my ideas here said Penny. That’s a great idea said Jeff.

End of Day 6: 2007

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