The Lost Adventures, Part 5

There is a party at your mother’s house said Kate. I’m going there if you don’t mind said Kate. That’s ok Kate said Claire. I know I’m invited, but I always can look said Kate. I wish you luck sweetheart said Claire while smiling.

Hurley was using his magical powers to remove the dynamite and to fix the ship. Ben and Desmond were looking while Hurley was doing his important job.

Kate came at the party. Kate saw Aaron. Carole appeared. What are you doing here? asked Carole. I…said Kate while thinking. Carole was taking Kate upstairs. What are you planning Kate? Blowing up a house again? asked Carole angry. Take everything out your pants now said Carole. I don’t have nothing with me said Kate. Carole slapped Kate. You filty lair said Carole. Carole was taking a gun and was closing the door. Take out of your clothes now said Carole. Kate was taking all of her clothes, except her pants. That’s better Kate said Carole. OK, it looks like you’re right said Carole. I was only looking at Aaron said Kate. I’m sorry said Carole. Carole kissed Kate on the cheek. Now go away said Carole.

Desmond, Ben and Hurley were on the Black Rock, while everything was fixed. I want to see Penny said Desmond while smiling. I want to thank you for everything you did said Ben. I think our ways will change said Ben. If you bring Walt back to the Island, less people will die said Desmond.

Miles was at a café, drinking some coffee. 2 people were watching at Miles. OK, he is drinking now said one of them. Miles looked behind him. He knows something is there with shouldn’t be here said one of them. He got the diamonds, master said one of them.

Kate came at Claire’s house back. Claire opened immedailitly the door. Kate looked terrified. Your mother kissed me on the cheek said Kate. She did? asked Claire. I need some sleep said Kate. I can’t kill her yet said Kate. Kate was in bed and Claire followed her. Claire was following Kate. I haven’t told you something Kate. And I have thought a long time about this said Claire. Kate looked at Claire. Yes, what’s the matter? asked Kate. I love you said Claire. You really do. You’re the sweetest person I ever met. I will never forget Charlie. But what I feel for you is amazing said Claire. I never felt something for a woman, but you changed my life Kate said Claire while smiling. That’s really sweet of you said Kate. The love between me and Sawyer is also over, and my mother wants to don’t see me anymore said Kate. My mother slapped you said Claire. Yes, indeed said Kate. You miss also Jack, just like me said Claire. Claire kissed Kate on the cheek where Carole slapped her.

Miles was walking at the airport. I will shoot said one of the 2 people who followed Miles. One of them were shooting, but did miss Miles, sparing his life. Miles was running away, but had his gun with him. Miles was pointing his gun. Police arrived. Sir, low your weapon said a policeman. Miles was running on the stairs. I hear ghosts said Miles while running on the stairs. Miles opened a door. The door closed. Miles opened another door. Here I’m safe thought Miles. A window was open. Policemen were going upstairs.

Frank was still in shock. I don’t have a daughter, neither a wife said Frank. Yes, you have dad said Samantha. You’re playing really good as actor smiled Frank. You really good act smiled Frank. I’m not acting said Samantha. I never had…said Frank before being interupted by Samantha. Sex said Samantha. Off course you did have. You and mom were really in love said Samantha. Really? asked Frank.

I love you too Claire said Kate while smiling. We’ve something in common said Claire. You have lost Jack, I lost Charlie. Sawyer saved both our lives and thanks to Sawyer, we’re both of the Island. Look at the good side said Claire. Let’s kiss sweetheart said Claire. OK, said Kate and kissed Kate. Kate and Claire were kissing each other for the first time on bed.

Miles was looking. Give you over Miles. It’s now, our never said the police. I give you 3 seconds. 1…2…3…Miles was jumping out of the window. Police smashed the door open, but Miles was gone. Miles falling 100 meters down, but landed on a truck. Miles’s legs were hurting, but he made, safely. The 2 people who were looking at Miles, were totally lost him. The truck was riding. Miles jumped off the truck and was at a church. Miles was walking in the church. I already waited for you said Eloise Hawking.

Desmond was back at his old boat, Our mutual Friend. Hurley and Ben were beginning at their search for Walt. Desmond saw Penny. What happened Desmond? What happened? said Penny while crying. Your father is dad said Desmond. Who killed him, said Penny while crying. Ben off course said Desmond. Ben is now a friend of my said Desmond. We’re trying to get Walt back to the Island siad Desmond. Penny begun to slap Desmond several to his head. Desmond was using his hands in madness and strangled her to death. Oh my God, Penny said Desmond and begun to cry. I killed Penny said Desmond. A man saw it, and was running to the police. Desmond was throwing the dead body of Penny out of the boat. Sir, said a policeman with a gun. Come out of the boat, now. No, said Desmond while crying and jumped in the water, leaving his status unknown. I want some back up now said the policeman.

Sawyer and Richard were tied up at the prison. What now? asked Richard. We will be waiting said Sawyer. I was poisoned a few minutes ago said Sawyer. I can’t remember a thing said Sawyer. Donna attempted to kill, used a gun and shot somewhere in chest said Richard. You’re bleeding like an animal said Richard.

Donna was looking at her phone. Yes boss, everything worked out said Donna. Time for plan B said Donna. End of Day 5: 2007

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