The Lost Adventures, Part 4

The Man in Black’s body came in Los Angeles. The body of the Man in Black came at Penny’s boat, Our Mutual Friend. Penny took the body on the boat. Penny was calling the police. John Locke’s body is back said Penny.

Kate and Claire were at the basement. I’m sure you’re gonna be angry when I tell what I have to do in order to get Aaron back said Kate. What? Tell me said Claire angry. I have to kill your mother said Kate.

Ben, Hurley and Desmond were looking at the Black Rock. If this ship comes back, people are going crazy said Hurley. Then you have to use your power to make it invisible said Desmond. That’s ok said Hurley. but first we have to make a plan to get this dynamite alla way said Ben. If one thing goes wrong, we can all die said Hurley.

Sawyer and Richard were brought in cages and were brought underground. Donna was walking at a Medical Center in the underground. OK, test them said Donna. Donna saw that there were taking blood samples of them. Why is this needed? asked Richard. For “the onces who needed” said Donna. The next generation off course. That’s the same thing you Others did Richard said Donna. Oh my God, you’re Donna from the DHARMA Initiative. You have to be her screamed Richard angry.

Yes, I faked my own death at the time Ben came and became one of the Others. I was leaving the Island on time. However, since the explosion at that time, I couldn’t being anymore pregnant. Now I’m in for revenge. Now I’m not getting anymore a child thanks to you said Donna. I was responsible for that said Sawyer. My girlfriend Juliet was responsible for the Jughead explosion. We all wanted to help Jack said Sawyer. And Jack is dead off course said Donna. Bring those son of a bitches to our cells said Donna.

Claire jumped on Kate and was putting her hands on her throat. What are you saying? asked Claire. I don’t wanna a lose another family member said Claire. Stay calm said Kate. Aaron will be killed to said Claire. No, not if we first bring Aaron to a safe place said Kate. You take Aaron to the car and I will use the explosion said Kate. Claire stood up. I’m sorry said Kate. I loved Charlie said Claire. I miss Jack said Kate. Claire was walking to the stairs, leaving Kate alone in the basement. Sawyer and Richard were put in the same cell. However, it wasn’t really a cell. It was a part of a wall with an unseen door. Sawyer looked above. There is the light said Sawyer. Yes, indeed said Richard.

Kate was 3 hours alone in the basement. Claire was happy. Is there something wrong? asked Kate. No, I just was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I saw the film as well and I was thinking said Claire. Happeness can be found in the darkness times, but don’t forget to turn on the light said Claire. What do you mean? asked Kate questionable. We have to do it, even if we become fugitives said Claire. I have no other choice then this said Claire. I’m sorry for that I tried to strangle you to death said Claire. Thank you said Kate shockable. Is there a way so that I can make it right? asked Claire.

Police arrived at Penny’s boat. Thank you for doing this Penny. You have done a good job said the policeman. John Locke’s body was never arrived in Guam said the policeman. It was a proxy said Eloise Hawking. A proxy for who? asked the policeman. Christian Shephard said Eloise. OK, lady, can you tell us more? asked the policeman. Sure I can, but I don’t know if it’s for nay value said Eloise.

The corpse of Lara Chang was brought away to the Medical Center. 2 people were watching behind a tree at Miles. He got the diamonds.

Frank was at his house, thinking about the situation, unknown ot him that Conrad’s snipers weren’t send since Conrad was dead. Frank walked in his house and was taking the rope that would kill him. Frank looked at himself in the mirror. I worked for Oceanic Airlines, now not anymore. I worked for Charles Widmore, now not anymore. I worked for Ajira, now not anymore. Frank was angry and smashed the mirror on the ground. Frank was taking a chair. Goodbye God. I can’t take this anymore said Frank. The chair fel tand Frank attempted to take suicide. A woman came and sa wit by the front door. She was running through behind and was taking a knife. She was taking a knife and stabbed the rope, saving Frank’s life. Who are you? asked Frank. I’m Samantha Lapidus, your daughter. Nina Lapidus, my mother has left the house and we got angry at each other. We thought you were death said Samantha. We were fighting if you were death of not said Samantha. Mom left said Samantha.

Sawyer and Richard were put under gunshot and were following Donna. Donna called her boss. Our plans are working boss said Donna. Sawyer and Richard were looking at a dead body. I will give a little explanation said Donna. This is Lara Chang, Miles’ mother said Donna. She’s killed because it was supposed to be said Donna. We don’t know her killer said Donna.

Sawyer looked angry. Anthony Cooper worked for us to con your parents Sawyer. Sawyer was touching Sawyer’s head. I gave Anthony Cooper the order to con your parents. Do you really think he could that all by himself? asked Donna. You’re lying said Sawyer. That’s impossible said Richard. I was born in Ancient Times, just like the Man in Black. I wasn’t a candidate and Jacob gave me, just like you Richard, the order to live longer said Donna. But I betrayed the Others and came to work for DHARMA. I stayed in Los Angeles and did meet Anthony Cooper before that, thanks to Jacob.

Sniper and Rifle, put Sawyer someone so I can shot him dead. Richard, I want you to see this said Donna.

End of Day 4: 2007

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