The Lost Adventures, Part 3

Richard looked at the lions. Go away said Richard. Richard saw some stairs behind the lions. The lions were going away. Richard was running to the stairs. Richard looked at the other side. Who built this stairs? thought Richard. Richard came out of the woods.

Miles was calling the police. Miles was walking away. He saw a knife lying on the ground. My mother is stabbed to death said Miles to himself. But why now? Why not 3 years ago? Miles was thinking. The police came. Hello Miles. I’m Jeffrey Brighton. I’m from the police. That’s the knife said Miles. Jeffrey was looking at it. Who did it is very good said Jeffrey. How do you know? asked Miles.

Frank looked scared. You have not really an option, do you have Frank. I want that you hang yourself to death. If you’re not doing it, at home, I will have snipers killing you. I’m serious Frank. Or you gonna tell where I can find ….said Conrad.

Desmond! said Rose. Rose said Desmond. Bernard looked at Hurley and Ben. Come and join us said Rose. I want that we first bury Jack’s body said Desmond. He was one of the best friends I ever had. He saved my life said Desmond. Let’s have a drink first on our new protector. Rose and Bernard kissed. On a new good life smiled Desmond. Rose felt on the ground. Rose! screamed Bernard. Ben looked at Rose. Rose is dead said Ben. No! screamed Bernard. Bernard felt on the ground. Hurley looked shocked. WALT SHOULD BEING BROUGHT HERE BEFORE MORE PEOPLE DIE! said Desmond angry.

At the other side of the Island, was lying the dead body of the Man in Black. A rock was destroyed and the Man in Black’s body was going back to Lost Angeles. Unknown to the Man in Black that he finally would leave the Island.

Kate and Claire arrived at Claire’s house. Claire opened the door. Kate, can I ask you one single question? asked Claire. Sure, why not? asked Kate. Why were you holding my hand on the Island on the plane? asked Claire. Jack was going to die on the Island said Kate. Jack saved all of our lives said Kate. Jack died off course said Kate. You miss him said Claire. Yes, indeed said Kate.

Sawyer was going to walk to his parent’s graves. A man came to Sawyer. Good luck son said the man. Sawyer’s phone was going. With James Ford. Hello, here’s Penny Widmore, Desmond’s girlfriend. Police came. I have to stop talking to you or they wil kill me said Sawyer. Police arrived at the graveyard. Sawyer throwed the phone on the ground. We’re taking your phone said Conrad. I was doing nothing wrong said Sawyer. Why were calling on a graveyard? asked Conrad. There are new rules when you come on a graveyard. No you can’t calling here, ok? asked Conrad. I will give a lesson tos ure that you’re not forgetting this said Conrad. Conrad was beating up Sawyer on his head and he was bleeding. You loser said Conrad. Sawyer was bleeding on the ground. Boss, you’re not asking who called me said Sawyer. Start with having a life said Conrad. Actually I want to kill you, but I have my own rules said Conrad. For who do you work for, boss? asked Sawyer. Shut up! said Conrad angry.

Kate was taking a shower. Claire was sleeping on the couch. Kate was taking new clothes. Claire woke up. Do you have a plan? asked Claire. Yes, but dangerous, very dangerous. We have to plan everything in every detail. I’m not sure if we can survive this said Kate. Let’s go to the basement said Claire. Claire and Kate were at the basement.

Because I just know said Jeffrey. Your mother died not for nothing said Jeffrey. The one who is behind this, is a very smart person. It has to be a man said Jeffrey. Why not a woman? asked Miles. The last person, who your mother spoke the last time to was Leslie Taylor. They were both friends. We have already people asking her questions. No worries, your mother’s dead will lead to a clue said Jeffrey.

Desmond looked scared. People die, because Walt isn’t here? asked Ben after they buried Rose, Bernard and Jack. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense does it laught Desmond. There is a way to get off the Island said Ben. How? asked Desmond. The SOS sign is useless said Hurley. Indeed said Ben. Follow me said Ben. A few minutes later were they finally there. We use the Black Rock said Ben.

It was raining and Sawyer was still lying on the ground bleeding. Sawyer stood up. Sawyer was walking away and was running to a house. Sawyer knocked on the door. Sawyer opened the door. Cassidy? Clementine? Sawyer saw blood on the ground and followed it. The blood was going in to the woods. Oh my God. You, animal said Sawyer. Richard looked at him. You gave the mto the lions said Sawyer. You have blood on your hands said Sawyer. What are you talking about? said Richard. Wait a second said Sawyer. Richard followed Sawyer. An explosion. Run said Sawyer. Sawyer and Richard felt both in the hole of the explosion. Conrad looked at them. Take them to our headquarters, not to our boss headquarters said Conrad. Our boss would be with what we are doing said Donna. Conrad kissed Donna. I love you said Donna. Let’s go people. Let’s move on said Conrad. Sawyer and Richard looked at Donna and Conrad. I’m sorry said Donna. Sorry for what? asked Conrad. Donna was taking her gun and did shoot Conrad in the back, killing him. Bury him, and let’s go further with the plans.

By the way, good job Ronald. Your betrayel has worked. Take them to the headquarters now. conrad was a witness in to many projects of our boss. He is killed because he knew to much of what was going on. I thought he handled this operation. Now we have less problems said Donna.

End of Day 3: 2007

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