The Lost Adventures, Part 2

Kate woke up. She looked at a picture of her father. Claire was sleeping on the couch. Claire wake up. I thought about Aaron. I understand said Kate. Let’s have a breakfast said Kate.

Sawyer was at his home, but police was there. I’m James Ford. What’s going on? asked Sawyer. You have to show your passport sir said a police man. I haven’t it with me said Sawyer. It looks like someone has been in your house sir, said the police man. Maybe it’s stolen said Sawyer. I give you a week, otherwise, I will arrest you. Or better, I will shoot you to dead said the police man. You got to be kidding me said Sawyer. No, I’m not lying to you said the police man.

Desmond, Hurley and Ben did find Jack’s body. Let’s bring him to Rose and Bernard. All I want, is Penny said Desmond. Who do you want to see Ben? asked Desmond. I don’t know. Walt has to follow Hurley, until he dies said Desmond. What do you mean? asked Hurley. Walt has to be brought back to the Island, no matter what said Desmond.

Miles was at his home. Behind his home, he found a body. Mom? Mom? No, who attempted to kill you said Miles. I…Miles…There are…strange things going on…You had to stay on the Island…Did you saw your dad? asked Lara Chang. Yes, mom yes said Miles. I saw a woman. I saw it, because of her breasts, otherwise it would be a man. It’s a conspiracy Miles. You have to bring it down said Lara. God help us all said Lara. Lara died. NOO!!! screamed Miles.

Frank was at Ajira Airways. Frank, we have bad news. You have been fired said Conrad. Why? It was a coincidence that… said Frank. Stop said Conrad. I know your story. But I have no family. I’ve got none said Frank. Go to your friends said Ronald. I don’t know where they live said Frank. Do you have info where they live? asked Frank. Yes, we have it, but we can’t give it said Conrad. What the hell is going on? said Frank. Conrad was putting his gun at Frank and brought to a wall. Just shut up, OK said Conrad.

Richard was thinking. Hello, are you Richard Alpert? asked a woman. Yes said Richard. You have to help me said the woman. But who are you? asked Richard. I was Jacob’s wife. My name is Donna. Follow me. It’s in the woods said Donna. Richard was following Donna. It’s there said Donna. On the bridge. Richard was on the bridge. There is nothing there said Richard. Now said Donna. 2 females were taking knifes and stabbed the bridge down. Richard felt on the ground, bleeding to death. Good job girls. Now leave. Donna was taking her phone. 1 down said Donna. I hope he dies said Donna. We have 5 to go now said Donna.

Kate and Claire were at Carole’s house. It’s here said Kate. Let’s go now said Kate. Kate and Claire were walking to Carole’s house. Kate knocked on the door. Carole opened the door. Claire showed herself. Claire, it’s good to see your face. I want Aaron cried Claire. You’re not supposed to raise him said Carole. Mom, give him back said Claire. It’s my son, not yours said Claire. Ben is still on the Island said Kate, while protecting Claire. Your lawyer has no reason to be here said Kate. He’s my husband said Carole. Go away, or I will call the police.

Claire and Kate were going back. Claire and Kate were sitting in the car. What now? asked Claire. Ben can’t being behind this. He stayed on the Island. It’s a conspiracy said Kate. Claire was crying. At my home is a basement said Claire. I want that we run there our operation to handle this said Claire. Let’s go said Kate.

Richard woke help. Help! screamed Richard. A group of lion’s came. This people know what they are doing thought Richard.

End of Day 2: 2007

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