The Lost Adventures, Part 1

It was in the middle of the day, Hurley and Ben were looking at the sleeping Desmond. I hope everything is alright with him said Ben. Desmond woke up. We were all dead. We all past away said Desmond. We were all together said Desmond. It’s not over said Hurley. The Ajira Six landed in Los Angeles. We’re there smiled Lapidus. Sawyer looked outside of the window. I haven’t been at home since 3 years ago said Sawyer. It’s been really hard for all us said Kate.

The press came at the airport. How did they know that we were here? asked Miles. That’s a good question said Richard. Let’s go said Kate. The Ajira Six came out of the airplane.

Desmond was standing up. We have to find Jack. If we find Jack, we find Rose and Bernard. And if we find them, we first have to bury Jack, out of respect. He saved all of our lives. Rose and Bernard will help us to get off the Island said Desmond. That’s impossible said Ben. You got to be joking said Ben. There’s an SOS sign on the beach said Desmond. No airplane will come here said Hurley. That’s right, but Hurley, you are the new protector of the Island said Desmond. You’re right said Hurley.

The Ajira Six were happy to be home, but police came. Hello people. I’m Conrad Donalds. You all go with me in the van. Kate, I want from you an explaination what the hell is going on said Conrad. This is my assistent Ronald Henricks. Go in the van, now said Conrad.

So you want that I put firework in the air, so that we can be safed? asked Hurley. Exactly said Desmond. We can be safed. There is hope said Desmond. Ben looked at Desmond. How did you planned this Desmond? You were sleeping said Ben. I’m not sure if I can tell you it now said Desmond.

The Ajira Six was sitting in the van. Claire was looking around. I’m scared said Claire. I want Aaron said Claire. I can’t say everything will be alright, because I don’t know said Kate. Do we have to tell lies? asked Sawyer. We have to tell the truth, even when they don’t believe us. It’s the only way to safe us said Kate.

The Ajira Six followed Conrad. Here is your home for today said Conrad. It’s a big cell, for all six of you said Ronald. Are we arrested now? screamed Kate. No, we have a judge who is searching out what happened in the last days that you were gone Kate. You weren’t allowed to leave the country. Now you come back, and you bring 5 people with you said Conrad.

It was starting to go in night. Kate looked at the guard. He has a gun said Sawyer. They have here cameras everywhere said Sawyer. Claire was still scared. I want Aaron screamed Claire. Claire was crying. Kate looked at Claire. I know, but I don’t know what is going on said Kate.

Miles touched his diamonds in his pants. OK, you’re free to go, all of you said Conrad. Really? asked Lapidus. Yes said Ronald.

It was dark, very dark at het Island. Ben, Hurley and Desmond were walking. If we walk back to the source, we will find Jack said Desmond.

Kate was at her home. Claire was with her. When are we going to find Aaron? Asked Claire. Tommorow, we will said Kate. I hope you don’t mind that said Kate. It’s ok said Claire.

Someone was behind a tree and looked out of the window. It was Carole Littleton, Claire’s mother.

End of Day 1: 2007

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