As seen in the above map, Danielle Rousseau knew a lot of the Island. In this translate version we see that Rousseau described The Shipwreck location (Six days before storm). Danielle Rousseau described the Island here always as Dangerous Place. We see that she know from the Beach camp, this will later being used by the middle-section survivors.

She describe the Submarine cable, this could be the cable that leads to the Looking Glass. On the map is a cross in a little thing, this could be here hiding place.

Although she describe many times rivers and bays. But she describe not where here traps are, and that's to me strange. She could have killed herself because of this.

On the map is shown that she's aware of the Ruins. Did that mean that she know of the Others? And maybe is the crater the future place of the Swan. So this has to be happening, and maybe the crater is there.

3x21 danielle promotional

Danielle Rousseau, a woman with many knowledge of the Island

--Station7 18:01, January 17, 2010 (UTC)

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