The Discharge - Stuart Radzinksy - Part IV

Station7 January 10, 2010 User blog:Station7

This is the fourth part about my Stuart Radzinsky theory about planning the plane crash. The other parts could you read on my user page or [1], [2] and [3]. This time, we will focus us on the Discharge. If you look on this picture, you can see Blue Sky


I think he made a mistake, The Discharge has not a blue sky but a purple sky. Why would Radzinksy writing blue sky and not purple sky? Maybe has this something to do with moving the Island. Under blue sky is a little word, I see AM, I think this means BAM. The Discharge that caused happened in the final episode of Season 2.

So what means Blue Sky? I think that the Blue Sky was meant to be to blow up all the survivors. Or is it that the Blue Sky was meant to be in a Purple Sky, so that there is no contact with the outside world? There are several things that he that he mean with Blue Sky.

The Blue Sky could be:

  • A mistake, it's the Purple Sky.
  • The Blue Sky was meant to be blow up all the survivors.
  • The Blue Sky was meant to be the Purple Sky, so they had no contact with the Outside World.

I think it has a purpose, otherwise it wouldn't be on his map of The Swan. --Station7 12:13, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

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