Hello, my name is Richard Alpert. I am the chief of staff of the President of the United States of America. We’re searching for 5 people: Miles Straume, Frank Lapidus, James “Sawyer” Ford, Kate Austen and Claire Littleton. Anyone, just call us, because we need to find the President of the United of America.

Kate and Claire were sleeping. A man was looking out of the window, to Kate and Claire. The man did smash the window and it broke. The man was taking his knife, tried to stab Kate and Claire, but Kate was using her feet and did attack the man. Claire…run. Kate was taking her gun, but the man pusht on her hand and the gun was away. You’re going to die! said the man. 1…2…The man was stabbed with a knife by Claire and felt on the ground. For who are you working for? asked Claire. For Simon…GGGGeorge.

Who is that? asked Claire. He is dead said Kate. Here is a passport. Justin Bieber is his name. You’re joking smiled Kate. No, look said Claire. You’re right. If you say Justin Bieber, you got a million links to the artist. Thus means: we shall never know where he works for.

There’s one place where we are safe said Kate. Where? We’re safe at your mother’s apartment. You have to call your mother Claire.

Sawyer, Lapidus and Miles were in the woods. We have nothing to drink said Miles. Sawyer saw a young man and woman kissing. They have food said Sawyer. Sawyer was putting his gun on the couple. Give me the damn food. This people can be dangerous. In fact, they can have the President of the United States of America. If we find them, most things will be solved. God bless us all said Richard.

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